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    Comprehensive Pest Removal

    Protecting your business from outside annoyances can be stressful, you shouldn’t have to add that stress to your daily worries. You shouldn’t have to worry about taking care of the issue yourself. By partnering with Hawx you can receive the proper services to take care of the issue.

    There are different needs of a commercial property than those of a residential one. We also know that there are different needs from one business to the other. Because of this we customize each commercial property based on the needs of the facility.

    We start by sending out a manager to the property and letting them perform a thorough inspection. We then talk it over with you and come up with a plan that works with your needs and the issues that you are having, they will also give you a quote for the services. 

    Commercial Services

    • General pest control.
    • Mosquito control
    • Rodent control
    • Termite control
    • Drain services for drain flies
      • Follow up services will happen based on the service plan.
      • We do offer resprays in between those if you are still having issues as well.
    UT, TX, CA, NC, MO, IN, IL

    We service a wide range of facilities:

    • Apartment complexes:
      • Your tenants expect to live in a place where they feel safe and protected from many outside threats. By helping to keep the area pest free you not only protect your tenants but you also keep them happy.
    • Assisted living:
      • The health and protection of the people in your care is your top priority, having pests enter can bring diseases and other illnesses onto those who are in your care. By working with Hawx it will be our priority as well to keep them healthy and happy.
    • Food Processing:
      • Getting pests in your facility where there is food can cause a number of problems, they can contaminate the food and cause the equipment to break down. We can help you stop the issue before it gets to be too much for your bank.
    • Grocery stores:
      • When pests get into the store they can make your customers sick and can cause thousands of dollars in contaminated product. Protect your business and customers from the spread of disease or damaged goods. 
    • Restaurants: 
      • Not only can the infestation of pests make your customer sick with contaminated food, it could shut down your business. By partnering with Hawx we can help keep this from happening by servicing you.
    • Warehouses:
      • Warehouses can be easy targets for infestations. With lots of hiding space and inventory to destroy costing you thousands of dollars, partnering with Hawx can help protect your facility.




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