What are bed bugs: Bed bugs are known as a parasite insect. Mainly because they like to feed on the blood of warm blooded mammals. There are three different stages to a bed bug. The first is the egg stage. At this stage they are about the size of the head of a pin, and almost impossible to see and detect at this stage. The second is the Nymph stage, at this point they are slightly bigger and transparent. They turn bright red after eating and at this point they show up as little red flakes on the mattress. The third and final stage is the Adult stage. At this stage they are about as big as an apple seed. Adults are brownish-red but turn a purple-red after eating.

Are bed bugs dangerous: While bed bugs can be quite annoying and disturb what would be a restful night. They can carry a few disease-causing bacterium. Bed bug feces and blood left over can cause some discoloration to your furniture and even in some cases the walls of the home. If the issue is bad enough you might notice a sweet damp smell. 

Why do I have a bed bug problem: Typically the reason why one gets bed bugs is because they come into contact with someone or something that is already infested with them. Bed bugs like to hide in public places where there is a lot of foot traffic where they can latch onto a new host. 

Where will I find Bed bugs: Bed Bugs like to hide in mattresses and box springs as the name suggests. If the issue is not caught early they will gravitate towards other furniture in the home and cause a bigger issue. 

How do I get rid of Bed bugs: Like any pest they can be difficult to get rid of as they like to create nests anywhere and everywhere in the home. By using Hawx pest control we can create a treatment plan to help eliminate any bed bugs that may be in your home. 

How can I prevent bed bugs

  • Make sure to vacuum the house on a regular basis.
  • When you get back from traveling anywhere you should always wash your clothes.
  • Never purchase any used bed sets or furniture.
  • Disinfect any luggage used when traveling
  • When buying secondhand clothing make sure to wash it thoroughly before wearing.
  • Look into purchasing a cover for your mattress, this will help lessen the likelihood of you getting bed bugs.
  • Try to use harder luggage when traveling and check the clothes before you bring them inside. A good tip is to also bring a separate bag for dirty clothes when traveling.

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