What are Rodents: Rodents are small mammals such as rats and mice. They reside in pretty much any environment. They like to live in the warmth of the walls and they rely on us bigger mammals for a source of food and shelter.

House mice: These mice can grow to be roughly 7 inches long once they are full grown. These are more distinguished because of their longer pointy snouts. They tend to have larger ears and small beady dark eyes. They have greyish brown fur. 

Norway Rats: These rats are quite large once they are full grown, with most adults growing up to 17 inches in length. They have shorter, more rounded snouts. They have smaller ears and eyes. They can not climb well so instead they like to enter homes through ground level, mainly through the foundation or any holes in the walls. Norway Rats have thick bodies that are typically brown but occasionally have black mixed in.

Roof Rats: These rats have longer slimmer bodies compared to Norway rats. At full length they can be around 16 inches long. They have sharp looking snouts, large ears and large beady eyes. They have scaly looking tails. They love to climb and will try to enter the home through upper levels by climbing up the walls and drain pipes.

Are Rodents Dangerous: Rodents can cause a number of issues. They can carry disease, bacteria that contaminates your food, they can even damage your property. Rodents have to constantly chew on things to help keep their teeth from becoming overgrown. This can lead to them chewing through wires, pipes, the walls, and even furniture. Rodents also leave droppings wherever they go which can spread diseases.

Why do I have a rodent problem: Rodents like to find shelter and food in some of the easiest places. They like to steal pet food, things out of your trash can, and many more as they typically have easy access to them. Rodents are fast when it comes to breeding. Once they are settled in it doesn’t take long for them to start growing in number.

Where will I find them: They mainly create their nests outside of the house but will occasionally come inside. Where they create the nest depends on the species. House Mice love dark secluded areas to create their home. This can include woodpiles, thick grass or weeds, or in the walls of the home. Roof rats love to create homes in thick foliage and in places above the ground where they are slightly safer from predators. Norway Rats typically reside in basements or anywhere dark and damp.


How do I get rid: Like any pest they can be difficult to get rid of as they like to create homes anywhere and everywhere in and out of the home. By using Hawx pest control we can create a treatment plan to help eliminate any rodents that may be in or around your home.

How can I prevent: 

  • Keep all trash and outdoor bins sealed to prevent easy access.
  • Keep any wood piles far away from the property as they like to hide in them
  • Make sure that any pet food is kept sealed and put away each night. 
  • Keep all holes and doorways around the property sealed tight
  • If you have a garden make sure to pick the produce and keep any dead ones off the ground.

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